5th Annual De-Clutter for a Cause РMay 9th, 2015

If you have un-wanted items that need to be donated look no further than De-Clutter for a Cause! You can drop off donations leading up to the day of the sale or even have your items picked up from your home (read flyer below).

The day includes great deals, live music, a bake sale, a BBQ and more! Stop by the Victoria Street Wolle Realty office to join in a great fundraiser for Anselma House. Last year we raised over $10 000 for Anselma House!

Watch Last Year’s Video

De-Clutter for a Cause

Do you need help De-Cluttering?

There is support available to assist you in making your spaces exactly how you want them to be. Do you have a hard time letting go of items that may no longer be useful? Try a free consultation with a local organizer.

Request a Consultation

How are the Grand River Professional Organizers are involved?

Registered Professional Organizers in Grand River (GRO POC) come together annually to participate in a community initiatives program to raise awareness about local charities and good causes. For the last 3 years, GRO POC has been contributing time and resources for the Annual De-Clutter for a Cause.

Local organizers are currently accepting donations on behalf of the Yard Sale team. Please contact us if you would like help in making a contribution to the fundraiser for Anselma House.

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