3 Examples of How KW Professional Organizers Can Reduce Your Waste

Are you impressed with our last post about the student move out?  It’s a reality and it has become too familiar to us. We see it everywhere and it’s starting to feel normal… Are we becoming blind about how much waste we generate?

Waterloo RegionWe run into landlords, students, home owners, realtors, and contractors all the time and we always hear the same responses:
“I don’t have time to deal with this stuff”…
“This is garbage and no one will want it”…
“I am on a deadline and I don’t have the time to find a new home for all the items”…
“It will cost me a fortune to get someone to get this stuff out of my home”…

We live in a great community with very smart people and LOTS of very good ideas. There are MANY projects out there to deal with this waste situation. Why don’t we use them?? Are we to busy?

Please let KW Professional Organizers deal with your situation. Don’t throw away anything that can be reused. Save yourself money, time and effort.

Let me write down a few examples that may change your mind completely!

Student House - Bin

Example 1

Example 1:

Student house full of furniture. Landlord needs to empty the space for the next tenants.

Case 1: Landlord hires help to move all the stuff out to the curb, they may rent a bin too. The stuff will end up broken in the bin or ruined because of weather damage. Those items WILL end up in our landfill. Landlord has to pay $$$ for labor + bin rental.

Case 2: Landlord contacts KW Professional Organizers or similar company with knowledge about all the resources available in our community. They pay a small fee (less than labour + bin rental from Case 1). All the usable items will be removed for FREE and will be donated to local stores or charity. Nothing will end up in our landfill that doesn’t belong there.  The landlord only needs to make one call and forget about it. Done!!

A Salvaged Kitchen

Example 2

Example 2:

A family is renovating their house. They need to remove their tired kitchen or bathroom.

Case 1: Family hires a contractor to remove old kitchen or bathroom. Contractor rents a bin. Everything is considered trash and taken to our landfill. Family pays $$$ for labor+rental bin.

Case 2: Family contacts KW Professional Organizers or similar company. They arrange their kitchen or bathroom to be carefully removed and taken away for FREE. Everything will be reused to benefit our community. Nothing will end up in our landfill. Family only needs to pay a small fee and they will get a tax receipt for their donation!

Example 3:

A relative passes away leaving behind an apartment full of nice items. The apartment has to be empty in 3 weeks.

In this case, the best option would be an online auction. The company will come, catalog all the items, post them online to reach a very big audience, arrange a pick up day and  remove any unsold items. Done!
You don’t have to worry about anything. They do all the work and you will get your money once is finished.
The cost of this is around $2/lot + 25% of sold price. You don’t pay anything upfront. And you have the piece of mind that your apartment will be empty by that date.

The choice is ours and the options are out there. Do you want to make Waterloo Region a more waste efficient city?
There are no excuses. Doing the right thing is cheaper that what we are doing now. And it takes less time and less effort. Let us prove it to you!

Don't let it get in our landfill

Common images from Waterloo Region streets

Do you want to see your stuff ending up like this?

Or do you prefer to see it being used again and making others happy?

Habitat for Humanity Restore

A salvaged kitchen, safely removed and ready for a new home

What is garbage to you may be a treasure for someone in need.

The choice is yours!   

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Samantha and Emilio provide personal, home, and business organization solutions for individuals who are ready for change. They are Co-Founders of KW Professional Organizers, sought after public speakers and bloggers.