Student Move Out … Equals Waterloo Region Waste?

We live in Waterloo Region and we can be proud that our region is described as innovative, intelligent, and environmentally conscious.  However, during the seasons of “student move in / student move out” I have a whole list of adjectives that do not include any of the former.


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What is our problem with waste?

There is a problem with waste in Waterloo Region. There is a problem with consumption of furniture and household. Household items are being seen as disposable items that are used for 4 months to 1 year and then thrown away. I compare this to the use of taking out cups and utensils — only intensify the impact when we see mattresses and couches as disposable items.

When school comes to an end?

There is always a dramatic increase in curbside garbage at the changing of semesters for our Universities and Colleges (September, December, April)Waterloo Region

Why do we have so much garbage?

Instead of being able to provide answers to the ‘why’ I am left with more questions.

  • What programs are in place to help transition students/workers during their move?
  • What education is in place to highlight the impact of our waste?
  • How does rise in waste impact the space in our landfills?
  • What perceptions are created by visitors to our Region when they see images like those featured above?
  • What are the financial costs to operating waste removal at this time?
  • Could there be financial revenues gained if waste wasn’t seen as waste but as a retail opportunity?
  • What are other cities doing to reduce the impact of move in/move out waste? CBC KW recently aired a short clip about a program run by University of Ottawa students to reduce waste.

What should be done about our waste?

There is discussion happening currently about our waste system in Waterloo Region. Our landfill is scheduled to fill in 15 years. Let’s get talking about Waterloo Region Waste #kwawesome! Together we can be intelligent, innovative, and environmentally-conscious!

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