There are lots of great ways to network in Waterloo Region and one of them is #WRTalk

#WRTalk is transforming the way small businesses in Waterloo Region communicate and connect; making the process easier and more economical for start-ups.

The networking hashtag was the vision of Mallory Manchur who is a local social media and inbound marketing manager.  Manchur wants everyone in #KWAwesome to know that #WRTalk is free and not gimmicky. She has no plans of monetizing off of her idea ensuring that the participants get to participate in honest and free networking.

Who is participating in #WRTalk?


#WRTalk now has 1 751 Followers

The majority of engagement is primarily Twitter with a community of 1 751 organic followers. The networking hashtag has only been in existence since October 2014.

What makes #WRTalk different from other networking events?

Manchur says that it’s genuine and not just a stack of business cards that may be meaningless. Participants can choose the businesses that they want to engage with and continue conversations with. Participants also don’t need to worry about paying a few hundred dollars to be a part of #WRTalk.

Price was a major consideration for Manchur who wanted to create a networking event with complete accessibility to anyone interested in participating. Manchur said that she doesn’t have investors in her business and she didn’t take out a small loan to get started nor should she have to.

How does #WRTalk face-to-face networking happen?


#WRTalk’s second face-to-face networking event was held at Gilt Restaurant in Downtown Kitchener.

The meetups are also FREE to attend thanks to the support and generosity of their sponsors.
Previous events have been held and promoted by The Boathouse & Gilt Restaurant.

Participants register online to attend the networking event and simply show up ready to take part in conversation. No cover charge or sign up fee.

Manchur says she likes to know that what she’s doing is helping people.  Her networking event is also a small contribution she says to helping out the small businesses during the ION construction.

Why did you come up with the idea?

Mallory Manchur creator of #WRTalk

Learn more about #WRTalk creator, Mallory Manchur,

Manchur summarized that she had moved out of the country for 3 years and had become unfamiliar with a lot of the city. She was only gone for 3 years but there were a lot of changes in Waterloo Region. She was just starting out her business and trying to raise a family, so how could she meet people without spending a lot of money.

Manchur looked to her industry and saw social media inpirations like: #startupchallenge #startupsaturday She challenged herself to see if she could create something similar in Waterloo Region. From there #WRTalk was born and is supported daily on Twitter by a growing community of entrepreneurs.

What do you want everyone to know about #WRTalk?

Spare 10 minutes every Wednesday  between 7:30-8:30 pm — connect with local businesses.

Visit for more information about the networking event & how to participate in upcoming events. Should you have any questions about #WRTalk please contact Mallory Manchur or visit Mallory’s LinkedIn Profile to connect.


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