New Life Furniture and AccessoriesNew Life Furniture and Accessories is taking old, damaged pieces and giving them a new purpose in your space.

As professional organizers we come across a lot of un-used furniture and accessories in people’s basements, spare bedrooms, garages and attics. We’re always amazed when those pieces are sold, donated, auctioned or given away to people who transform them into something new again.

We recently were introduced to a small business located in Kitchener, Ontario who are doing just that! We wanted to share their story to inspire and motivate others!

New Life Furniture and Accessories

Choose colours, hardware & styles for each transformation!

Why did you start your business, New Life Furniture and Accessories?

I originally started painting furniture in my spare time to update some of our items and to keep my mind busy.  Me and my husband are going through fertility treatments and it was becoming very stressful for me, I needed a creative outlet.

I enjoyed doing the projects so much for our home that I decided to see if others liked my work. So with the support of my amazing husband I went for it.  So far it’s been a great journey.

New Life Furniture and Accessories


Why do you think it is important to use previously loved furniture and accessories?

I think it’s important for many reasons…  A lot of people have the mindset “out with the old and in with the new”, I disagree.  I think there are a lot of truly beautiful pieces that just need a new look or new purpose to be loved again.

Why fill our landfills up with wonderful items when they can go to a new home? Why toss aside pieces of our history and memories because they simply don’t match? Why not recreate something and make it beautiful again?

I love getting to save items and see them transform from one’s trash to someone else’s treasure.

New Life Furniture and AccessoriesWhat services do you offer with business?

I offer refinished pieces on a weekly basis from the “treasures” I find, buy and are given to me.   I also offer custom work for clients, where I can take their old pieces and make them new again.  I mostly refinish my pieces with Annie Sloan chalk paint ( a high quality, low VOC paint) and wax for durability.

I will do some minor repair work on the pieces that need a little more attention before refinishing them.  I avoid using any harsh chemicals for removing stains so I will do some staining but only if I can sand it down with the help of my hand sander and some elbow grease.

New Life Furniture and Accessories

Liz and Nathan Weber are the creative team behind New Life Furniture and Accessories

How much time on average do you spend on each piece?

Each piece is given the same amount of attention but the time it takes varies so much depending on if its a small end table or mirror vs a large dresser or dinning set.  But they all get the love they deserve.

How can people purchase furniture and accessories from your company?

People can purchase my work by visiting my Facebook page  where I post new items first as they become available for sale.   You can also follow me on instagram @newlifefurnitureandaccessories where all my items are listed.  If you see something you like simply contact me.

If you follow me on either of these media outlets you will also notice I feature items I’ve given “New Life” to that go out on consignment to an amazing shop in Elora, Ontario, reFIND Salvage.  It’s a great little shop with many wonderful items.

How can someone hire you to get a “New Life” for a piece of furniture they have?

The best way is to contact me through my Facebook Page OR Email: [email protected]

New Life Furniture and Accessories

Prices depend on hardware, details, size and condition.

Please include:

  • pictures of the piece
  • measurements
  • an idea of what you’d like done
  • a specific colour or type of finish (distressing and so on)

What are some average prices?

All prices depend on size & detail work:
End tables $50-70
Consoles $130-200
Mirrors and Chalk boards $50-100
Dressers start at $250

New Life Furniture and AccessoriesWhat do you love most about what you do?New Life Furniture and Accessories

I love getting to take a piece of “trash” and make it beautiful again.  It’s wonderful getting to recreate something and in the end see it go home with someone that loves it (if I can manage to talk myself out of keeping it for our home!)


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