Clutter Workshop

What are the easiest steps to clear clutter?

Clutter wastes time, energy & money; causes negative emotions; harms health; stops us from activities, from enjoying and sharing our space. Clear it now with these steps & strategies:

  1. Envision the environment I want
  2. Work on one area at a time
  3. The “Friends, Strangers, Acquaintances” strategy helps me decide what to keep. Like people, “friends” are items I love, depend on, always turn to (KEEP); “strangers” are items I’m not connected to, don’t need or want (GO); “acquaintances” require careful consideration — are they truly important to me?
  4. Assign everything a home, as close as possible to where I use it
  5. Set a physical limit on stuff – “when this basket for magazines is full, some must go”
  6. Sell, consign, donate, recycle, repair & repurpose the rest – we all win!

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” Epicurus

The rewards are real! We feel relief, lighter & freer; it’s easier to think; we have more space, time & energy for what’s really important to us.

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Kathy MacLean

Kathy MacLean

Owner of Fresh Focus Organizing

helps clients organize their external space and belongings, but believes the most valuable benefits are internal: peace of mind, and renewed focus on our lives and priorities. Kathy has been organizing since 2003, and is an active, Gold leaf member of the Grand River Chapter of POC.

Visit Fresh Focus Organizing for more information on Kathy.

About the Workshop Series “Organize Your Environment”

The workshop series was created by The Grand River Ontario Chapter of the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada). The rationale for this workshop series is to provide environmental education and public awareness while also educating participants about resource consumption and waste management. Each workshop will have a specific environmental focus that contributes to the larger picture.

As Professional Organizers we observe daily how an individual’s environment determines and influences that individual’s ability to contribute, participate, and value OUR community’s environment as a whole.

Thank you to the generous support of The City of Kitchener’s Community Environmental Improvement Grant and The Kitchener Public Library for their facility & event coordinator, Sheila Bauman.

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