6 Suggestions to Create a Money Saving Meal Plan

Is it time for you to get organized in the kitchen?

Learn how to meal plan, save money, be more efficient in the kitchen, and keep food waste to a minimum. Jill will help you take the “chore” out of shopping and cooking.

“I make sure to ask my family how they feel about each recipe I create. After they rate it, I’ll leave notes for myself on the recipe page so I can make improvements for the next time.” Jill Robson, Life Sorted

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Set Up Zones

Setting up zones in your kitchen will make your meal planning and preparation so much easier. Having everything at hand will cut down on time spent in the kitchen and more time enjoying the meal.

Weekly Flyers

Using weekly flyers (or Mobile Apps) to plan your weekly meals will definitely save you money. Get to know your prices, this way you know if things are really a good deal. Use the ability to price match as well.

Keep It Simple

Don’t start complicated or new recipes on your busiest night. Have fun and experiment with new foods and techniques on your quiet days. Even get the kids involved, they are more likely to try something if they have had input.

Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry

Having the basics on hand every day will make it easier to put simple, and quick, meals together with things you already have in stock.

Meal Plan as a Family

If you have your family’s input into meal planning, you will have a good idea of what each member will eat and NOT eat. You will not feel as if you are the only one making all the decisions on what to make each day.


We all have that one friend who is a really good cook. You may be great at sewing; sway your talent for cooking lessons to make it a win, win situation.

Jill Robson

Jill Robson

Owner, Life Sorted

Born in England, I grew up in the military, moving on average every 9 months. I learned early on I liked my things organized. This led me to help many people over the years find solutions to their dis-organization, long before I know about Professional Organizers. My name is Jill Robson and I started Life Sorted in 2012. Based in Fergus, Ontario, I share my home with my husband, 2 children, and a menagerie of pets.


About the Workshop Series “Organize Your Environment”

The workshop series was created by The Grand River Ontario Chapter of the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada). The rationale for this workshop series is to provide environmental education and public awareness while also educating participants about resource consumption and waste management. Each workshop will have a specific environmental focus that contributes to the larger picture.

As Professional Organizers we observe daily how an individual’s environment determines and influences that individual’s ability to contribute, participate, and value OUR community’s environment as a whole.

Thank you to the generous support of The City of Kitchener’s Community Environmental Improvement Grant and The Kitchener Public Library for their facility & event co-ordinator, Sheila Bauman.

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