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It’s emotional…

It is quite possible that your family members don’t want your stuff.  How are you going to react to this?  You can’t make your kids want things. Is it worth having strained family relations?

“The legacy you leave behind matters more than the stuff.  Don’t let your past weigh down your present.”  Donna & Rhonda, Heart of the Matter

Advantages to Rightsizing

A rightsized residence:

  • is comfortable and well suited to your current needs and physical abilities
  • is a mini version of home — complete with your most treasured possessions and memories
  • allows you the relief of no longer having to deal with so much stuff, and the satisfaction that your unneeded belongings have gone to good use.
  • simplifies meal prep, housework, yard work and home maintenance
  • allows peace of mind for you and your family — less tension in these relationships
Heart of the Matter

Strategies for Rightsizing:

  • The Pretty Box Plan — Designate a shelf-sized box for each family member or special friend. Into the box place items of significance. Examples may include a sampling of photos, books, dishes, jewelry or family mementos. Chances are good that a pretty box, filled with treasures, will be gratefully accepted.
  • Take satisfaction from donating to a worthwhile cause.
  • It is important to discern if memories are yours or your children’s.
  • If you are a keeper of the generations, it is especially important for you to learn the strategy of keeping just a sampling of memories and mementos.
  • A journal filled with stories is likely to be well received.
Donna Schmidt & Rhonda Erb

Donna Schmidt & Rhonda Erb

Co-Owners of Heart of the Matter

Donna and Rhonda are both wives and mothers. The two joined together to start Heart of the Matter Professional Organizing in 2004. With expertise, compassion, creativity and a good sense of humour Donna and Rhonda show their residential and business clients how to conquer the clutter, ride their space of the stacks of paper and manage their time effectively.
Senior’s Move is a service of Heart of the Matter Professional Organizing.


About the Workshop Series “Organize Your Environment”

The workshop series was created by The Grand River Ontario Chapter of the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada). The rationale for this workshop series is to provide environmental education and public awareness while also educating participants about resource consumption and waste management. Each workshop will have a specific environmental focus that contributes to the larger picture.

As Professional Organizers we observe daily how an individual’s environment determines and influences that individual’s ability to contribute, participate, and value OUR community’s environment as a whole.

Thank you to the generous support of The City of Kitchener’s Community Environmental Improvement Grant and The Kitchener Public Library for their facility & event co-ordinator, Sheila Bauman.

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