MinimalismKW second screening

 We hosted this documentary in August and it SOLD OUT! We were asked to host it again.

The second screening happened on Sep 27th and it SOLD OUT again!!  We had a very interesting Q&A at the end of the movie.


Some comments about the first screening:


“I am very impressed with you and all the work you do, just subscribed to your newsletter, looking forward to seeing more of your events.
Thanks again for the showing last night, I loved the movie and so glad you did this in Waterloo! 
Congratulations on your anniversary.
– Lianna

“Thanks for arranging to bring a great message to KW area—It’s such a timely message when our national debt is 150-160% of income– and how many people just think they have to continue to buy/spend on so many unneeded and unnecessary things.

To fill that theatre definitely shows that people resonate with the message”
– Joyce

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