Get your friends together and have some fun while doing good! Clothing Swaps are the best way to slow Fast Fashion.

Previously we wrote the ultimate 15 Step List for Organizing a Clothing Swap and now we’re reminding you why they’re a great event idea.  If you haven’t heard of the term ‘Fast Fashion‘ please take the time to see the Wikipedia article on it. 

The host of The Cherry Street Swap (#CherryStSwap), Angela Skelton, announced to the group before starting the evening to remember why we gathered. She felt it was important to remind everyone that this occasion marked a creative way to slow our consumption on fashion. By choosing to shop second hand and share our abundance with friends. 

Have a look at the results…


One of the great perks of hosting a Clothing Swap is getting a sneak peak at all the clothes!

Sharing creative events, like this one, is a great way to foster your relationships with friends and family. It can be as low-key or high-end as the host wishes it to be. Each year The Cherry Street Swap sees improvements and creative new ways to swap. Don’t be fooled though it’s because Angela puts time and energy into her event to make it a success.

All the clothes are donated & free! 

So in order for this event to work you need to be able to gather donations from your attendees. We also know that it is sometimes difficult or near impossible to let go of clothing!  We all know there are some things we’ll never wear again or fit into, but still it remains in our closet. If you have a hard time letting go of stuff, here are some videos that may inspire you.

What is your opinion on Fast Fashion?

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