Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things.

This client used our services as a Christmas Surprise for her husband. They recently moved into their new home and didn’t have the time to get their garage organized.

“What a great experience! They were so friendly and knowledgeable and they did exactly what I was looking for…”

“When I started the search to have my garage organized for a surprise for my husband I wasn’t really sure this was a “thing”. But it was and I am so happy with the end result.

My husband now has an organized garage and everything has its own home and label.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


The process:

These are the steps we followed:

  • Initial conversation with the client to understand her goals and the desired outcome.
  • Go through every item in the garage. 
  • Sort items together: Tools, camping gear, gym equipment, winter gear, gardening tools…
  • Create a “donation” pile. We took all the unwanted items at the end of the session and donated them.
  • Create a “for sale” pile with the items our client wanted to sell. 
  • Photograph and measure “for sale” items. They were ready to be listed online.
  • Keep an ongoing to-do list with all the tasks that come up while going through the items.
  • Uninstall existing hooks from the wall.
  • Set up designated sections: gym section, tools section, gardening section, storage section, garbage section…
  • Decide the most convenient “home” for every item. 
  • Install hooks to suit the new organizing system.
  • Place every item in its new “home”
  • Label items for easy access if necessary.
  • Install recycling bins brackets on the wall. This system will save floor space and create a convenient garbage/recycling station by the door.
  • Hang art on the wall. Yes, we encourage clients to display their favorite pieces if they don’t have space in their homes. It’s always nicer to look at a piece that brings you joy rather than looking at a blank wall.


The end result:

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