Try an alternative lifestyle with low risk and help others along the way.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms WWOOF

Experience life in someone else’s shoes or simply take a holiday out of the ordinary.

We felt it was important to share with you this network of people offering great opportunities almost for free. There is a yearly membership fee which varies from country to country, but in Canada is $50.

For this fee you are immediately connected in a world of opportunity and exchange. Both Emilio and myself have spent most of 2008-2012 doing exchange work and we only received benefits. We were able to experience different ways of living, we soaked up local culture and ate delicious food.

Now granted no exchange is the exact same as another, but they all fall under the same guiding principle. A WWOOF host and WWOOF volunteer mutually make an agreement that serves both parties. In most of our experiences we would dedicate 3-6 hours of work per day in exchange for accommodation and food. The remainder of the time was used for self care, exploration of the area, or learning from the hosts or other WWOOFers. 

Types of Experiences (Not a full list):

Bee Keeping

Organic Farming

Raising Animals

Small Business Management

Furniture Building

Alternative House Construction

Cheese Making

Beer and Wine Production

Off-Grid Living

Resiliency Teaching

Tourism Specialties

Food Foraging



  • Practicing new languages
  • Meeting new people
  • Adopting different ways of living
  • Enhancing life skills
  • Discovering a deeper sense of Self
  • Traveling with no exchange of money
  • Helping others and giving back
  • Trying new food and ways of cooking
  • Experimenting in different jobs / professions



  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Adopting and living someone else’s lifestyle
  • Learning new skills
  • Keeping an open mind
  • Being honest about how you’re feeling
  • Trusting your gut instinct
  • Working hard and investing in self care

Have you ever wanted to experience a lifestyle different from your own? 

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