It is normal to have clutter some times. Let’s repeat that.

It is normal to have clutter some times.

However, how do we answer the question, “Am I Clutter Blind?”

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3 Signs You May Have Clutter Blindness

Life gets busy and clutter happens, however, some people live surrounded by clutter for so long that they don’t even notice it anymore. They don’t attribute clutter as being a leading cause to why they feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, acquiring health conditions, and some times why other people in their life treat them poorly.

1. Piles and Piles of Stuff

  • A common symptom is to pile objects, papers, and clothing. One or two piles does not constitute as a problem, but when the piles start to fill rooms, closets, floors, and flat surfaces; there could be a safety or mental health concern.
  • Continuous or compulsive collecting can also lead to the forming a piles. There is still a lot of research that has not been completed in the area of why humans hoard objects, so it is unfair to say that this is good or bad behaviour. Please remember to be sensitive to those around you who may display these symptoms.

2. Home is Not a Stress Free Zone

  • Too many items in the home can often lead to the feeling that there is always more to be done; a constant stimulus that they need to keep working. If objects occupy the bed, couch, kitchen table, and bathroom the individual may have a hard time finding space to be calm.

3. There are No Systems in Place

  • Many if not all items do not have a permanent home in the house.
  • Items are often being lost or take more than 10 minutes to find.
  • Financial strains can be common due to late fees, interest payments, and double purchases of an item that cannot be found.
clutter in the office cartoon

Do you believe that someone can be blind to clutter?

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