Clutter Visualization Meditation

Relax your body and mind. Enjoy the experience.

Meditation has long been a tool for building strength and clarity. Here we explore the idea that you can use this tool for breaking through difficulties with clutter and letting go. This meditation is designed to be a relaxing and motivating way to take control of your quest for living with what’s important to you. 

Video Transcript

Clutter Visualization Meditation is a 5 minute length exercise in exploring your home and visualizing your Ideal Space.

Close your eyes. Think about the space where you live. You might want to think about a particular room. A room that causes you a lot of stress or a room that you spend most of your time in. This might be your bedroom or living room or it could even be your storage area.

Imagine standing in the middle of the room, slowly turning around to see everything in it. (Take your time as you look around the space). Think about how much discomfort you feel while visualizing this room on a scale of 0 = no discomfort and 100 = the most discomfort.

Think about how you are feeling as you stand in your room. Feelings might be negative: you could be feeling anxious, fearful, embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, disgusted, confused, overwhelmed, pressured, disoriented, hopeless, depressed, frustrated, discouraged. Feelings might be positive: you could be feeling happy, pleased, relieved, comforted, hopeful, proud. (Take time to explore how you feel).

Next think about what thoughts might be going through your mind. It could be thoughts like “This is Ugly,” “I’ll never find anything in this mess,” “There must be buried treasures here,” “It’ll only take me a little while to clean this up,” “This is really a very pleasant room, it’s not so bad.” Think about this link between your feelings and your thoughts.

Now, I want you to think about that same space but visualize that the clutter is not gone, but that everything is organized and put in it’s place. There is no clutter. Everything that you wanted to keep is still there, but organized and put in its place. What does this room look like? Are there uncluttered furniture tops, is the floor free from clutter with only rugs and furniture? As you visualize this uncluttered space, consider what you can do with this room, what kinds of activities could you engage in, what does your furniture look like, how would you decorate this room. (All a few minutes to explore this). How uncomfortable did you feel while imagining the room this way? 0 = no discomfort and 100 = the most discomfort you have ever felt.

Prepare to open your eyes. You have completed the Clutter Visualization Meditation.

Take the Next Step and Build an Action Plan

Did you enjoy this meditation?

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