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Don’t call it a DREAM, call it a PLAN!


Every Dream we have could become a reality if we are able to create a plan with actionable steps.

This is what happened to Shawn Johnston. One year ago, we met at a community breakfast. He was sitting next to me and he mentioned his dream idea of traveling for one year across Canada, Europe, and New Zealand interviewing people and sharing his stories through his photography.

I shared with Shawn my experiences traveling the world for 3 years and encouraged him to create a plan to make his dream a reality! We met for coffee and had a planning session. This was almost one year ago. Today, Shawn is officially leaving on October 1st!!!  I am so EXCITED for him!!

This is a very inspiring story that proves the power of organization. In this case Traveling Organization.

I wanted to share this story with all of you. Shawn was very kind to share his story in this video:


I hope you enjoyed this video and felt empower to start using organization to improve every area of your life!

Do you have a dream in mind?   

Would you like help to create an actionable plan to make it a reality?

Book a one on one session with us to learn how ORGANIZATION can help you achieve your GOAL!  


More info about Shawn’s project:

Nations and Voices is a photography project starting in the fall of 2017. As I travel the world, my goal is to spotlight BIPOC folks (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) that I meet during my travels. The stories they share with their photo will create a platform for their voices to be heard to a larger audience. By sharing these stories, we create conversations, change perceptions, and help educate others on the issues impacting BIPOC folks from around the world. Upon my return, all funds raised (after expenses) from photo exhibits, or publications will be donated to spaces working with BIPOC students.






Nations and Voices Fundraiser: The Museum, Wed, August 16, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM. Join us for an evening of live music, drinks, food, and a chance to win from our silent auction. Artists include Juneyt, Blue Sky Singers, Rexy Spice, Elsa Jayne, Janice Lee, and Alysha Brilla. Reserve your ticket.

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