Organizing photos and tips for sharing them with others.

Every year we’re taking thousands of photos, but what happens after?

The biggest take away from this segment with Rosie DelCampo and CTV’s Quick Fix segment is to ask yourself, “What will I do with the photo after I take it?” Remember the more photos you take results in more photos for you to organize. 

5 Ways to get photos organized:

  • Get Help — enlist your family or friends to help sort and decide on what print photos to keep and which to let go of. This is a great activity for families who are challenged with large amounts of family albums.
  • Digitalize — clear the photo clutter and get those images into digital storage
  • Make a Photobook — this can be done with a traditional album, scrapbook, or printed digital book
  • Prioritize — select a spot to display in the home and set a limit to how many are displayed
  • Digital Frames or Screensavers — link your digital folders to a screensaver or upload images to a rotating digital frame for trips down memory lane

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