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How to Declutter & Organize Any Space

Dive into 5 different spaces to show real life declutter projects and how clutter is conquered.

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A Recipe For An Extraordinary Life

Learn a recipe that combines organization, minimalism, and self-care to help you create the life that you want to live.

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Embracing Minimalism In Your Life

Start living a clutter-free life with less stress and more focus. Minimalism will help you change, and change will create new opportunities in every area of your life.  

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Tame the Paper Clutter

Learn the best practices for getting control over your paper.

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Decluttering Your Mind with Self-Care

Self-care is care provided “for you, by you.” It’s about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture you. 

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Organized Meal Planning

Discover how to let go of complicated systems and expensive take-out bills. Embrace simplicity and functionality in the kitchen while saving time and money.

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Thank you once again KW Professional Organizers for hosting another great event at the library. You’re helping people stay positive and take control of their busy lives. What a great community partner!

Programs Co-Ordinator

Kitchener Public Library

Recently Samantha and Emilio led a series of three workshops with tenants at Supportive Housing. They made the workshops incredibly engaging, and worked really hard to tailor the content to make the time most meaningful to those participating. Tenants not only gained new knowledge and tips on organizing their physical space, but also on how to organize and de-clutter their minds, as well as how to set and achieve goals. I was very impressed with the well rounded approach that Samantha and Emilio bring to the work of organizing. Tenants are still remarking on the workshops! Thank you so much for partnering with us to bring this new learning to our tenants!

Katie Cowie-Redekopp

House of Friendship

Emilio and Samantha recently gave a thoughtful and informative presentation on minimalism to the University of Waterloo’s W3 (Waterloo Women’s Wednesday) group.

They are both very generous in sharing the research and personal experiences they have collected and tested over the years.

They magically challenge the audience to consider different ways of approaching their space, time and ‘stuff’, while remaining highly individualized and non-judgy.

Thank you, Emilio and Samantha!

Katie DD

Group Organizer, University of Waterloo

Past Events

Using Tools To Make Mealtime Easier

Learn how to make mealtime easier and fun Quick fix at five - CTV Kitchener   Rosie Del Campo (CTV Kitchener) and Emilio Jose Garcia (KW Professional Organizers) share with you tips to make mealtime easier. Having a functional kitchen, understanding how...

Tips to Help You Declutter Your Closet

Learn tips that will help you declutter your closet. Capsule wardrobe helps you simplify your closet and keep only the things that you love to wear. Also, allows you to be more intentional with the things you want to wear depending on the season we are in. If you are...

Real Value Documentary – What Is the True Cost of Cheap?

Note: If you missed this screening, scroll down to watch the full movie.   We're back to celebrate KWPO's 5th Year in business with a special documentary. Last year we brought Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (now available on Netflix). This year...

Declutter and Organize Your Garage.

Learn Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Garage with Susan Cook-Scheerer and Rogers Daytime. Decluttering and Organizing your garage can be FUN!  Make the most of your space by following these tips: The first step for success is to define your desired outcome. What...

Paper Management Tips.

Watch our latest Rogers Daytime 20 interview about Paper Management Tips.   Paper management could be very challenging for some people. Every paper you have involves one decision you need to make. The more papers you have laying around, the more decisions you will...

Hosting Clothing Swaps for a Purpose

Get your friends together and have some fun while doing good! Clothing Swaps are the best way to slow Fast Fashion. Previously we wrote the ultimate 15 Step List for Organizing a Clothing Swap and now we're reminding you why they're a great event idea.  If you haven't...

We are the Personal Trainers for Organizing

Just like in fitness, personal trainers exist in Organizing to provide training, advice, and guidance. I want to share an analogy with you, so bare with me. A lot of people ask what we do as Professional Organizers and it was actually a client that described it best....

Minimalism Documentary – Additional Screening |(SOLD OUT)

MinimalismKW second screening  We hosted this documentary in August and it SOLD OUT! We were asked to host it again. The second screening happened on Sep 27th and it SOLD OUT again!!  We had a very interesting Q&A at the end of the movie.   Powered by Eventbrite Some...

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