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Lifestyle Design E-Book: A Recipe for an Extraordinary Life

Stop the overwhelm. Start living the life you love.

This highly praised Lifestyle Design E-book is a guide to designing your life from Professional Organizing consultants Emilio Jose Garcia and Samantha Kristoferson.  The guide takes readers step-by-step through their revolutionary Lifestyle Design Method for simplifying, organizing, and creating a life you love.

Emilio and Samantha take Lifestyle Design to a whole new level by applying their years of organizational experience in their method. Never before has there been a holistic view that incorporates organizational strategies of how to create a lifestyle that is designed based on all aspects of your life and your dreams.

It includes templates to help you create the life you want and our latest “creations” for you to see how we do it.

We have used this recipe since 2010 personally and the results have been amazing. We are very fortunate to live an extraordinary life and we want you to create yours, too.

Is never ending housework making you feel overwhelmed?

Are you tired of feeling paralyzed by not knowing where to get started?

Do you want to make the most of your time and get help from a professional?

If you said ‘YES’ to any of those questions this is the course for you.

Let’s create spaces that you LOVE. Start living clutter-free with less stress and more focus

This course contains 16 lessons. It’s designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes Declutter their Paper Clutter!

You’ll learn the best practices to follow when starting your Paper project.

You will see the best practices applied in real life case studies in a variety of settings including how to handle receipts, how to build a system for monthly maintenance, and a home office.

By the end of this course, you’ll have valuable skills that will help you get control over your paper and ideas for going paperless.

Meet the Energetic Co-Founders

Emilio Jose Garcia Rodriguez

Emilio Jose Garcia Rodriguez

Co-Founder of KW Professional Organizers

Originally from Barcelona, Spain.  In 2008 Emilio decided to leave a life of success and comfort to follow his curiosity of exploring new countries and ways of living. He packed everything that was “important” in a backpack and sold/donated the rest. It was the beginning of his minimalist/nomad lifestyle that will take him to 14 countries over a period of 4 years to finally meet his better half Samantha in Wellington, New Zealand.

Experiencing such different ways of living, learning what is important for other cultures and feeling complete freedom, simplicity & happiness changed Emilio forever.

Emilio is passionate about sharing this experience with others. He believes that the most important things in life are meaningful relationships and experiences. We shouldn’t let “stuff” get on the way.

Samantha Kristoferson

Samantha Kristoferson

Co-Founder of KW Professional Organizers

After struggling with alcohol abuse and depression, Samantha bought a one-way ticket to New Zealand and changed the course of her life forever. She sold almost everything she owned and left her home country with debt and less than two thousand dollars to her name.  She believes in the ability to change, no matter the odds, because she is living proof that it is possible.

Late in her twenties, Samantha realized that time is the most valuable resource we have and that we ultimately have the control in how we spend it. She protects her self-care by maintaining a diverse range of hobbies outside of her professional life including learning Spanish, cooking, playing guitar, gardening, doodling and reading.

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