Watch and listen for ways to help you Let Go of Stuff!  The following videos share great experiences and perspectives that you may not have thought of yet.

KW Professional Organizers Mission Statement

We all struggle sometimes to let go of stuff… but we are going to share some ways to make it easier.

I love TED talks. Anyone who knows me, knows this is a FACT. I like to consider TED talks a great way to continue my education without being in school full-time. TED talks are similar to watching enthusiastic lectures on any topic of your choosing. The whole basis for a TED talk is to celebrate Ideas Worth Spreading.  And over time I have compiled a list of my favorite videos that relate to STUFF! If you want to explore what a TED talk is check out their website, but keeping reading to see my recommendations.

You might have read all the books, but have you tried watching some videos?

If you have read our blog before you know we like to share EVERYTHING we know about Decluttering and Home Organization. We feel there is a direct link to your overall happiness and the space in which you live and work. When you’re not feeling well we think you should fall back to the basics and that is Self Care!  Read my other blog on Self Care and Preventing Caregiver Burnout.

If reading isn’t your thing or it’s not inspiring you to make the changes you want, try these videos.

Adam Baker “Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love.”

The Minimalists “A rich life with less stuff.”

Angela Horn “The Less You Own, The More You Have.”

Graham Hill “Less Stuff, More Happiness.”

Have you seen other videos that have inspired you to Let Go of Stuff?

Please share your feedback in the comments!

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Samantha provides personal, home and business organization solutions for individuals who are ready for change. She is a Co-Founder of KW Professional Organizers, a sought after public speaker and blogger.