Adopting a Danish word “hygge” can add a positive influence to your life.

A little hygge everyday keeps the doctor away


After consuming Signe Johansen’s book How to Hygge I felt compelled to help you find a little hygge in each and every one of your days. Johansen says “hygge is a craving for simplicity, an urge to pare everything back to basics. Jettison the anxieties and clutter of modern living to free up your time and energy to make the most of life.”

If you’ve been reading our blog or following KW Professional Organizers, you’ll know that when I read this it blew my mind.

Hygge is the word that the Danish people used to give themselves permission for selfcare.

Hygge is the word that the Danish people used to give themselves permission to slow down.

And the best part?

Hygge can be applied to all areas of your life; Body, Mind, Work, Social, Family, Giving Back, and Stuff. 

So how do you apply hygge to your life?

Good question. We believe it’s about taking time to reflect on big questions. 

“What do I want?”

“Why do I want it?”

We are witnessing a movement of people who are hungry for their search of a happier life. Hygge is just one more example that joins other key buzz words like minimalism, selfcare, mindfulness, Swedish death cleaning, konmari, green living, zero waste, 4 hour work week, etcetera. 

We wrote a book describing exactly how we created this kind of lifestyle for ourselves. And believe me it includes a lot of hygge! Read the book

Hygge is all about creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Whatever that means to each individual. It could be music, food, candles, an outdoor restaurant, going for a walk, cuddling on a couch, or watching a movie with a fire. It is creating a feeling of coziness, togetherness, connection, and fun.

Annette Spangler

Teacher & Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Tribe Yoga

5 Ways to Apply Hygge Right Meow

Remember that your life is extraordinary and unique. You know yourself best so take the suggestions that fit best for you.

  • Activity Audit – really look at the activities you’re doing right now in your life. Are you enjoying all of them? Do you currently agree to participate in things you don’t enjoy? What activities do you love and could make more time for?
  • Daily Journal – this is a great activity to discover more about how you’re feeling and what you’re dreaming about. I recommend a method adapted from Shawn Achor’s 23 Minute Morning Routine. Read more
  • Do a Cleanse – want a sure way to reset your body and feel great? Emilio and I personally do the Lemonade Detox a minimum of once a year. It’s a great way to flush our systems and break bad habits. Plus it really makes you appreciate the food and abundance we have access to.
  • Declutter – no matter what age or stage you find yourself in, it’s always a good time to declutter. This process allows you to cut through the clutter to get at what is most important in your life. An easy starting point is simply choosing one drawer in your home to empty, sort, make decisions, and organize. For a more thorough explanation of Decluttering read here.
  • Meditate – clear your mind and breathe deeply. There is nothing required in order to start this amazing habit. If you want to transform your life, start with meditation. If you have trouble getting started with meditation try using the application Headspace (it’s free).

I could keep going with suggestions. If you want me to write more about this topic or practical ways to get more hygge in your life, please let me know in the comments below.

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